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 Sam's Song Lyrics

Sam is that kid that runs the world around
I want to be like Sam-u-el,
Adventure is his middle name you know
I want to learn like Sam-u-el,
Sam is the leader that’s brave and strong
There ain’t a problem that he can’t solve
I want to know like Sam-u-el,
He’s on the case.
He’s not afraid,
I want to be like Sam!
Sam with the gadgets, is going on,
With SOCOM12 he can’t go wrong.
Ain’t no problem big or small
Bring ‘em on, He’s ready you all
Best believe that truth comes out
Ain’t no way that Sam sells out;
He’s that kid on a Biblical truth mission to show and prove
He’s on the move like a cool fresh breeze
He’s on the case like Dick Tracy
Glory- you’re going see- He can’t be stopped with GOD!


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