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Destination Kentucky

What do bones tell us?


Stay Where Sam Stayed
Aldersgate is a rural camp in the heart of the Kentucky mountains

When Samuel L. Collins finds a mysterious bone in Kentucky and dates it over 5,000 years old; the case to discover the truth begins!

Explore Like Sam
Creation Museum
Answers in Genisis' Creation Museum

Join Sam and his sister Katie as they solve cipher clues, locate a treasure box and travel to the Answers in Genesis Creation Museum; learning how to apply God’s Word to “crack the case” and truly understand Genesis 1-12.

Check out My Friend Buddy Davis
Buddy Davis' amazing songs, videos, sculptures...

It’s an all-Kentucky, all creation, all family fun-filled adventure in this episode of Samuel L. Collins and the Search for Biblical Truths.

Travel Like Sam
Tiffin Motorhomes from Red Bay, AL
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