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Destination Florida

What does it mean to obey?                      


Eat Where Sam Ate
West tampa Sandwich Shop
Home of the Honey Cuban, Tampa's best Cuban Sandwich

In his biggest challenge yet, Samuel L. Collins is joined by a group of his friends for the ultimate father/son weekend. But when given a bit of freedom will the boys choose to obey their fathers or head into danger following their own desires?

Deep Sea FishingCreation Museum Wanna go Deep Sea Fishing? Visit our friends at Thunder Party Boat

 Venture into the Gulf of Mexico, enjoy marshmellows around the campfire and meet some Florida wildlife - up close and personal in this lesson based on the fifth commandment.

Canoe down the Hillsborough River like Sam
Check out their Canoeing with Christ Program

It's an all-Florida, all-family, fun adventure... in this episode of Samuel L. Collins and the Search for Biblical Truths.


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