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Are there idols in your life?



Stay Where Sam Stayed
The Citta
The Citta is a wonderful place to stay when in Bali.

Sam chooses an elephant as his souvenir at the local market, but his father overrides him with a firm "NO". Will Sam learn the reason for his dad's decision and the Truth about the souvenir?

Be Painted Like Sam
Elephant Safari pat
Be painted by an elephant
at the Elephant Safari Park

Join Sam, and his sister Katie on their latest jungle adventure; there will be monkeys and elephants and Hindu temples- oh my!

Eat Where Sam Ate
Bumbu Bali
Bumbu Bali"s amazing food is featured in MY show

Play along as Sam finds a hidden treasure box and solves encrypted cipher codes; learning how to apply God's Word to 'crack the case' and understand the meaning behind John 8:31-32.

Travel Like Sam
Waka Land Cruise
Travel in a Jungle Cruiser with Waka Land

It's an all-Bali, all-family, fun adventure... in this episode of Samuel L. Collins and the Search for Biblical Truths.

Rest Where Katie Did
Bagus Jati
Bagus Jati is a luxury resort in a rain forest 
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